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Speaking of special handling, one of the most significant workarounds you re likely to face is the difference between GSM and CDMA carriers. WMA was specifically designed to be carrier-agnostic, and on most other platforms you can happily reuse code for both GSM and CDMA. On most BlackBerry devices, though, SMS messages will fail to send from CDMA devices. This is a known issue that affects the 7130, 7250, 8703e, 8830, Curve 8330, and Pearl 8130 phones. It appears to have been fixed for more recent CDMA models including the Storm 9530 and beyond. Note: Code Division Multiple Access (CDMA) and the Global System for Mobile (GSM) are the two most widely used wireless technologies. They use fundamentally different methods for wireless communication, so a GSM phone cannot be used on a CDMA carrier or vice versa. For the vast majority of applications, it makes absolutely no difference which type of phone you are running on. However, RIM and other OEMs must use different CPUs and architectures for the different types of devices, so in certain edge cases such as this, discrepancies will crop up. These can be frustrating, but the issues are generally fairly well documented. To determine what type of network you are using, call RadioInfo.getNetworkType(). Fortunately, RIM has a work-around available for affected phones. Instead of using the WMA MessageConnection and Message interfaces, send a UDP packet via a DatagramConnection. This does make a certain amount of sense SMS messages do appear somewhat similar to UDP in structure and purpose. You should still use the existing SMS protocol when addressing the recipient of the message. A short example follows.

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Any local declares will not export to sub-processes or script functions, but stay within the current scope of code running. If you use declare in a function, once the function is complete the variable will no longer be active. This may be advantageous if, for instance, you have a function that contains a password as a variable. If you want to keep a function s variable around after the function is complete, you can use export, as shown in this example:

property, or you can manipulate objects using methods This recipe manipulates objects using methods, because that approach is simpler The child div elements could contain some fairly sophisticated HTML code that you don t want to serialize and deserialize Using objects and moving them in the DOM doesn t corrupt the child div elements Note the following items from the code: Use the method documentcreateElement to instantiate an HTML element: The returned HTML element instance is instantiated but is not part of the HTML page and needs to be added If an element represents a specific HTML element such as a table, then associate the methods of the HTML element with that element instance: In the example, a table is instantiated, and tables reference rows.

if (RadioInfo.getNetworkType() == RadioInfo.NETWORK_CDMA) { DatagramConnection backDoor = (DatagramConnection)Connector.open ("sms://+14155550100"); byte[] data = "You cannot stop me".getBytes(); Datagram dg = backDoor.newDatagram(backDoor.getMaximumLength()); dg.setData(data, 0, data.length); backDoor.send(dg); backDoor.close(); }

#!/bin/bash # This is a basic function littleFunction(){ declare LITTLE_VAR="local" export BIG_VAR="global" echo "$FUNCNAME: LITTLE_VAR: $LITTLE_VAR" echo "$FUNCNAME: BIG_VAR: $BIG_VAR" } littleFunction # This is how we run a function echo "$0: BIG_VAR: $BIG_VAR" echo "$0: LITTLE_VAR: ${LITTLE_VAR: }" # This should error out $ ./bigscript littleFunction: LITTLE_VAR: local littleFunction: BIG_VAR: global ./bigscript: BIG_VAR: global ./ bigscript: line 16: LITTLE_VAR: parameter null or not set

While not always necessary, it is a good idea to get in the habit of using declare statements with bash. It will definitely save you time and headaches down the road as you find yourself needing to repurpose code. One mistake rookie coders make is that they rely heavily on utilizing PATH resolution in shell scripts. That is, instead of typing the command:

Note that there is no distinction here between a regular text message and a binary message; you simply send bytes in both cases. Other BlackBerry devices will detect and interpret these messages correctly, but other phones may interpret them as binary data

/usr/sbin/networksetup getdnsservers "Airport"

Use a temporary variable to store elements before they are reordered: Remember earlier when I said that the sizing algorithm doesn t need to convert div elements to table Before looking at the explanation of the sizing algorithm, notice in the first bold code block how elements are saved to a temporary array (tempArray) before being added back to the HTML document as child elements of a table This step of saving references temporarily is absolutely crucial when you re manipulating an object document model If you don t save temporarily, you could experience some very funky side effects This extra step was added to the recipe to illustrate how to manipulate a document properly.

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